Far Infrared Rays are an invisible light energy emitted by the sun. Their long wave length and frequency are easily accepted and absorbed by the human body and by animals, and help their growth and development. FIR+ therapy fabric is made of polyester fiber containing bio-ceramic powder, which emits Far Infrared Rays (FIR) deep into human and equine tissues and cells, increasing blood circulation and promoting cell rejuvenation. Toxins are then more easily eliminated, inflammation recedes and the healing process accelerates. Relieves muscle spasm, body pain, lower back pain, joint pain, tight and tense muscles, muscle soreness and loss of flexibility.

EQUI-THÈME "FIR+" 180g saddle pad
EQUI-THÈME "FIR+" Stable wraps
EQUI-THÈME "FIR+" Bandage pads
EQUI-THÈME "FIR+" 180g Stable rug