EQUI-THÈME is also all your textile equipment for your horse... saddle pads, rugs, sheets, bandages, fly masks, headcollars... high tech leg protection, the latest fabrics, and a great choice of styles and coordinates... to satisfy everyone's taste!

EQUI-THÈME Braiding bows with designs
EQUI-THÈME Stall curtain
EQUI-THÈME "Cristal rond" bows
EQUI-THÈME "Jeux Equestres Mondiaux FEI...
EQUI-THÈME Braiding bows with clear...
EQUI-THÈME Braiding bows glittered
EQUI-THÈME Show bows, textile
EQUI-THÈME "Tyrex 1680 D" 200 g neck...